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Welcome to Eusophi

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The internet is a big, crowded place. There’s a lot of confusing information out there about what will truly make you happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

A year and a half ago we opened the beta of Eusophi with the goal of simplifying that process, bringing more wellness into your life than ever before. Today I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’re launching the site in full, with a completely new, contemporary design.

The name Eusophi comes from the Greek roots for “good knowledge,” and it represents a simple, powerful idea:

Bring together the very best experts on the topics people really care about.

Just about everything people want comes down to happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. Combine some of each, and you’ve got a pretty great life.

Everything on this site comes from Experts that are at the very top of their fields. They produce incredibly high-quality material that has been shown time and again to get results. We’ve built an Expert Page for each one that makes it easy to receive what they’re offering – making your life better right now. And each Expert’s “Top 5” section summarizes their material in order to get to the core of their individual approach to happiness, health, wealth, or wisdom.

To divulge a little about myself, I’m a serious skeptic. Eusophi emphasizes evidence-based ideas and methods that have been pressure-tested and shown to work. I think it’s important to remember that different approaches work for different people, and to be respectful of that. But an aggressive opposition to snake-oil is one of our founding principles.

At Eusophi you can expect to receive freely offered, insightful, practical, and actionable content. The site will continue to change and evolve over the next few months as we learn more about the ways in which we can make a real, positive contribution to your life. We’re incredibly excited for the future, and hope you’ll join us on this journey.

If you’re looking for more, here are a few things to do on your first visit:

  • Create an account! This is easy to do through the Login/Register button at the top of the page. Creating an account gives you access to the newsletter, lets you check your recently viewed posts, makes things simpler when purchasing through the store, opens up your wishlist, and allows you to rate posts and products.
  • Check out some Expert Pages over at our Expert Directory. Want to see someone who’s not there? Send us a recommendation through our Contact Form.
  • Go to the Blog and see all of our great content! It updates regularly, so give it a bookmark and check back when you want a little extra something out of life.
  • Looking for something specific? Sort our Experts or the Blog by tag (Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, or Wise), or try searching directly through the Search bar in the upper right.
  • Need a little help getting over the hump? We offer a wide variety of premium content through our Store.
  • Got a question? Try the FAQ, or send us an email directly.

If you’d like to support the site and see where we take all this, I’d personally appreciate it if you created an account or signed up for our newsletter (you can do both through the Login button in the top navigation bar). We’re committed to respecting the privilege of having access to your information, and make it easy to unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete an account if your expectations are not met.

If you’ve made an account with us in the past, you’ll have to reset your password to access that account on the new site.

I promise that we’ll continually strive to be the best site we can be.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy the journey!


Forrest Hanson

Editor, Eusophi

About the Author

Hi! My name is Forrest, and I'm the founder of Eusophi. Our goal is to bring you the very best content from the all-stars of happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom. If you'd like to get in touch, please send me a message through our Contact page.

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