child's hand compassionate imagination2

TEDx Talk: The Power of the Compassionate Imagination

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child's hand compassionate imagination2

Here is the TEDx talk I gave at Golden Gate ED— it covers my ideas about the foundation of happiness, and the choice that I think can change the world.

Old school parenting is all about hierarchy and rank and power. There’s a lot of authority, but not a lot of questioning. It’s also about achievement; there’s a lot of narrow focus on the end result but not a lot on the process. When I became a mother, my goal was to rig my children’s childhood for happiness. The net result of all my study on happiness is learning the following:

The fundamental skill for happiness is compassion.

If what we want is to raise happy children, what we have to do is foster their compassionate imagination. This compassionate imagination is built from three big things, which I explain in detail during the presentation!

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Christine Carter, Ph.D., draws on psychology, sociology, and neuroscience, and uses her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures to demonstrate happiness do’s and don’ts in action.

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