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Stop Learning Now

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stop learning now2

Okay, I don’t actually mean that.

I know you adore learning, that it’s like trying to scratch a most delicious itch. You like that it stops itching… but only for so long.

What I actually mean is are you digesting and sharing what you’ve learned?

I was prepping to teach a meditation yesterday when the thought buzzed through my mind like a pollen laden honey bee,

“Oh, I should go take more training in this.”

I then spent a lovely moment fascinating about what training and where… until my mind snapped back. I reminded myself:

“I’m so adorable! More learning would be, and will be at the right time, absolutely delicious… And that is not the rhythm of my life right now. Right now is a teaching and writing rhythm. Stay focused there.”

I used to get stuck in a big darn hole I dug all by myself. The shovel I used to dig? Going out to learn more when I first needed to digest, apply and share what I already knew.

To get out of that cycle – which can get truly sticky and yucky – often I had to first forgive myself for not taking in what I had already signed up for. Paid for. That’s hard for a thrifty Scotch-Irish gal like me!

I told myself, “Honey, you can only digest and learn as fast as you can.”

I stopped comparing myself to friends and colleagues whose brains seem ten sizes bigger and their ability take in learning and apply it super-human.

I made a habit of reminding myself that choosing to let go of learning opportunities, paid for or dreamed of, is choosing a human-scaled Jen-sized life. That what I’m focused on right now: being a stand for creative women getting stuff done and out into the world, including myself. Other desires need to wait (or, like art mess making, get a bit of time here and there with full joy but no pressure).

By the way, I keep saying “share what you know” because to truly learn, you must share – with a friend, a group in your living room, or by offering what you know as part of your business. That’s why all effective learning experiences include time to share what you’ve just taken in.

Why not pause with me for two breaths and ask:

  • Where am I, really and truly, in my own rhythm of learning and teaching, of integrating and taking new in?
  • Are there any shoulds or regrets about learning opportunities missed or squandered that are keeping me stuck? Is it time to forgive myself? (One of my clients once built a garden sculpture out of binders and CD’s from courses she had taken and was either done with or letting go of. Love that!)
  • Is it time to teach something I love but haven’t fully valued that I know (yet)?

Okay those questions might take you more like 20 breaths, but if they strike a chord in you, it’ll be worth it.

Yours in Learning and in Making Time to Digest,


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