Stephen Josephs

As an executive coach and consultant, Stephen helps leaders build their vitality and focus to make their companies profitable and great places to work. His clients receive two main benefits from coaching: They find new ways to approach challenges and build deep capacities to connect and lead as a result.

Stephen has graduate degrees from Harvard, Antioch, and University of Massachusetts. His doctorate from the University of Massachusetts is in Aesthetics in Education – how to teach anything through art, music, drama, and movement. To create greater impact and raise the fun quotient in teams and large groups, he has applied these media in business settings for more than 35 years.

He is particularly interested in the intersection between business performance, psychology, and mind/body disciplines. He has practiced daily various mind-body disciplines for 49 years (tai chi, qigong, aikido, meditation). He says one more year and the universe will give him a merit badge (not redeemable at Starbucks for coffee). He has played classical guitar for 50+ years and now he’s moving toward jazz. He composed and published an album of songs (Songs of Lao Tzu). He is the coauthor of Leadership Agility and the author of Dragons at Work.

Through his pieces at Eusophi he hopes to help you achieve greater levels of performance, wisdom, and ultimately happiness than you ever thought possible!

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