Chris Taylor

By the time he was 22 years old, Chris was leading a sales team of 120 independent contractors. His team consistently ranked in the top three productivity offices of roughly one-thousand North American teams. He attributes his team's consistently high performance to a relentless focus on leader and culture development.

Chris left Direct Sales in 2006 to pursue his passion of leadership and team culture development on a larger scale, and founded Actionable Books in 2008. - a company dedicated to using business books as a platform for leader and team growth - earned Chris 2009's Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, a shortlisting for PROFIT's Fuel Awards (2011) and has been the topic of articles in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and Toronto Business Times, as well as an audio interview for Profit Magazine's BusinessCast.

Actionable Books is founded on a belief in the power of putting ideas into practice. Ideas are only valuable when applied. Sure, you read a lot of business books. But what are you doing with that information? Chris set on a personal mission of reading a business or personal development book each week, putting one small idea from each book into practice in his own life. The idea grew. People took notice and – even more rewarding – took up the mantle themselves, writing summaries from books they read, and sharing aspects of what resonated in their own lives.

To date, over 500 summaries of the world’s best business books are available for free. Each summary consists of a brief overview of the book, one key message and two ways you can easily integrate that message into your life in 5 minutes or less.

In 2010, Chris launched "Actionable Interviews" a video interview series with best selling business book authors and leading thinkers in the business space. To date he's conducted 42 interviews for the series, with highlights including Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Susan Cain and Sir Ken Robinson. It's through these conversations that Chris developed The Salaried Entrepreneur™; an innovative team development methodology that's being used internationally by companies large and small.

Chris currently lives in Spain with his wife, Amy.

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