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13 Ways to Savor & Serve

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Dive In2

1. Write down what you love. My list includes creating anything, lying on the earth, helping people see something new. Linger over your list. Share it on the bus, at work, on Facebook. When you own what you love, you are fueled by the highest vibration.

2. Talk to a homeless person or anyone you shy away from or are afraid of. My friend Dave Cinnamon learns the names of everyone who serves him, shoot, everyone he meets. He writes their names down in his little notebook. Real connection creates dignity.

3. Next grocery store trip, bless all the people and resources that put that Fuji apple from New Zealand in your hand, that saffron from Iran, the rice from Thailand. Experience the vast supply chain supporting you and you might get curious about where it’s not supporting the planet.

4. Write a thank-you note to your garbage man or local council person or favorite writer. Focus on what you get from the relationship as you write. Counter intuitive; try it. My friend Michael Bungay Stanier writes a note a day.

5. Delete thoughts of comparison when they arise about how others are serving better than you. When you compare, you despair & despair kills change.

6. Write sweet silly ju-ju on sticky notes and plaster them around your office, downtown, library, kid’s school. I did this with my daughter, Lilly, when she was younger, and she wrote: You smell nice. I wrote: Today will be a better day. My favorite places we stuck our notes: backdoor of bakery, halfway down the outside wall of the bank, post office front door, inside library book drop. Sharing love is serving.

7. Share your soul – teach something you know. Ignorance is not bliss and your wisdom is sorely needed.

8. See yourself as someone who savors & serves. Create a new story that there is enough time, enough resources, enough love to go around. There really is, if we change how we live.

9. Look for things you spend money on that no longer serve you, that you no longer savor. Desire does not acquire, it frees.

10. Go the where the wild things live and lay down there. Rest. Then rest some more.

11. Let your wildest dreams about a just and fair world be spoken. Dare to speak a better story.

12. Put your arm around the parts of you that would rather buy another pair of shoes than give money to someone who is in need. Put your arm around the part of you that works yourself to death helping others. Drench all of you in awareness and love. Refuse to polarize.

13. Do something delicious for yourself today. Because that, my darling, is where savoring meets serving!



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