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The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program

Mark Hyman, M.D.


This 9-part kit combines the best of my diabesity tools, tests, and information – all in one place – and it’s been created especially for you.

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The information I’m going to share with you here
could change your life forever.

The fact that you are on this page means that you or a loved one is most likely overweight, pre-diabetic or diabetic, and struggling with this disease and its related life-threatening illnesses.

By reading my book, The Blood Sugar Solution, you have taken the first step in your journey  back from this devastating diagnosis. Once you understand the what and the why, then you need to take action.

To help you along I have created a companion program, The Blood Sugar Solution Home Coaching Program. This power home study course teaches you exactly how to overcome your diabesity.

This 9-part kit combines the best of my diabesity tools, tests, and information – all in one place – and it’s been created especially for you.

The Nine-Part Kit:

#1:  My Blood Sugar Solution Workshop

Through the DVDs included in the program, you’ll be able to “attend” the workshop I recently conducted for people like you who want to put an end to diabesity.  Not only were these attendees privy to my deepest analysis of the causes of diabesity, but I also shared with them  how to win the battle against it.

#2:  Online Cookbook

As you may recall, there are recipes in The Blood Sugar Solution, but here I provide you with 85 brand new ones just waiting to please your palate!

#3:  The Blood Sugar Solution Quizzes

You’ll have a much better chance of fixing something if you know why it’s in need of repair, right?

That’s the idea behind the set of blood sugar–focused quizzes I’ve included on a CD for you. They’re short yet precise, and they’ll help you drill deep into your biology and reveal the specific imbalances that are driving your symptoms.  Then you can use the answers to help personalize The Blood Sugar Solution Program to fit your particular needs.

#4:  My Blood Sugar Solution Workbook

Each of the people who attended my Blood Sugar Solution Workshop received a step-by-step guide that brought my six-week Blood Sugar Solution program to life.

#5:  The UltraWellness® Nutrition Coaching

This service alone is worth the cost of the entire Workshop kit!

If you’re like many of my patients, you probably want to eat better but don’t know how. That’s why I was sure to include UltraWellness® Nutrition Coaching in this Workshop kit.

This 30-day program allows you personal and private access to nutritionists that I hand-selected and trained especially to work with you.  They’ll answer any questions you have, within one business day, and there’s no limit to the number of questions you can send their way.  With their help, you’ll find out which foods are good for you, how to prepare them, and which foods you must avoid.

#6:  Two-Week Access to My New Online Blood Sugar Solution Course

Trying to rid yourself of diabesity on your own, without professional help and personal support, can be difficult but, thanks to The Blood Sugar Solution Course, you’ll never have to go at it alone again.

Through weekly webinars, video discussions, personalized articles, and more, I’ll walk you through the steps outlined in my book to help ensure that you know exactly what’s necessary to make them work for you.

#7:  The Quick Start Guide

This is a small, conveniently-sized booklet loaded with information about 10 easy steps you can take right now to get started on The Blood Sugar Solution plan. Put these steps to work in your life and you will quickly see a major change in your weight and health, even if you do nothing else.

#8: The “How To Work With Your Doctor” Online Guidebook

Conventional medical practitioners really don’t know how to treat diabesity. The majority of the treatments they try — namely,  blood sugar lowering medications — have been proven to be ineffective at best, and life-threatening at worst.

Armed with the information in this guidebook, you’ll communicate more effectively with your doctor and you’ll get the respect and care you deserve.

#9:  The Money-Saving Supplements Offer

10% off all supplements recommended for diabesity!

The body’s large-scale nutritional deficiencies — including our lack of omega-3 fats, vitamin D, folate, zinc, and magnesium — have been well-documented in extensive government-sponsored research, and represent one of the major causes of diabesity.

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