Six Weeks to an UltraMind + 1 Month Free Coaching

Mark Hyman, M.D.


In this exclusive self-help audio, video and workbook system, Dr. Hyman will outline simple changes that can enhance mood, sharpen focus, overcome anxiety and debilitating conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, dementia, and autism.

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Dr. Hyman’s Personalized 6-Week Step-By-Step Home Coaching Program Designed to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety and Sharpen Your Mind Without Drugs or Psychotherapy

In this exclusive self-help audio, video and workbook system, Dr. Hyman will outline simple changes that can enhance mood, sharpen focus, overcome anxiety and debilitating conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, dementia, and autism.

Get started today and discover how to rebuild your brain to achieve an UltraMind® — increase your thinking speed, deepen your concentration and boost your mood, memory and behavior.

The Power of Simple Health

The most important medical discovery of our lifetime is also the biggest secret.

This secret reveals the REAL reasons we are sick and why we suffer from an epidemic of brain problems; everything from depression to dementia, from anxiety to autism, from memory problems to mood swings and from brain fog to trouble concentrating.

In fact, we’re in the middle of the greatest medical revolution of the last 100 years – it’s the medical equivalent to Columbus saying the world was round, not flat.

And this revolution shows us that there IS hope!

What if you were told that the way you think about disease, mental illness and your brain aging actually has NOTHING to do with how your body actually works?

The secret you’re about to learn is this…your mood and memory problems, your trouble focusing, your ADD and depression are NOT all in your head.

They’re in your BODY.

By Fixing Your Body, You Will
Automatically Fix Your Broken Brain

You are about to learn how 7 remarkable breakthroughs can give you back your brain and allow you to fully enjoy life and regain your energy, memory, focus and joy.

You can’t treat mental illness effectively ONLY with drugs or psychotherapy, but you can fix your broken brain by balancing the 7 core biological systems at the root of all illness and disease.

In a minute, I’ll share with you exactly what these 7 core systems are and show you the path to a mind that’s calm, focused, alert and happy – a path to an UltraMind® .

This is the basis of my 20+ years practicing medicine and my new New York Times bestseller, The UltraMind® Solution.

Want to Be Healthier and Happier than Ever?

In just 6 short weeks, with Six Weeks to an UltraMind® , you can begin to:

  • Feel more alert and focused. (You’ll not only feel more alert, you’ll feel more alive.)
  • Experience a more stable mood. (Your moods will become more stable so that every day isn’t an emotional roller coaster.)
  • Develop a better memory. (Your memory will improve because your stress level will go down.)
  • Increase your concentration. (Your thinking will stay sharply focused for longer periods of time.)
  • Feel more energy. (Your energy level will go up without caffeine or other stimulants.)
  • Sleep better. (You’ll fall asleep easier, sleep through the night and wake up energized.)
  • Create optimal brain function. (No more brain fog. Your mind will be clear and your thinking will be sharp.)


Program Contents

Component #1: The Six Weeks to an UltraMind® Audio Program (12 audio sessions on 7 CDs)

These 12 audio sessions on 7 CDs give you ALL the scientific information distilled into easy-to-understand principles you can use to:

  • Feel more alert…
  • Experience a more stable mood…
  • Develop a stronger, longer-lasting memory…
  • Increase your concentration…
  • Feel more alive with natural energy…
  • Develop sounder sleep…
  • Create a sharper, faster brain…

After 20 years in medical practice, Dr. Hyman has developed a unique gift for teaching his patients how to take control of their lives by regaining their health.

Component #2: The Six Weeks to an UltraMind® Workbook

Review the life-changing principles delivered in the 12-session audio program while you are working through the 6-week program. Each chapter in the workbook carefully outlines the key information you need to remember:

  • Foods you MUST avoid that cause brain damage…
  • Foods that improve concentration, energy and mental processing…
  • Which nutrients your brain needs and how much…
  • Daily tips for improving sleep and reducing stress…
  • Toxins to avoid that make your brain sick…

After you’ve completed the audio and the workbook components, you will be ready to begin the 6-week program.

To ensure your success, Dr. Hyman has developed a 2-DVD set with 15 video sessions specifically designed to show you how to incorporate the program into your life.

Component #3: The Six-Week Approach to Optimal Brain Function and Health (15 video sessions on 2 DVDs)

Listen and watch as Dr. Hyman takes you step-by-step through the 4 main steps of the 6-week program. Before you begin the program, you will want to watch as he outlines exactly what you can expect and how you can prepare for success.

In the second DVD, you will learn how to personalize each of the 7 keys based on the scores on your quizzes in the workbook. In addition, you’ll learn how to incorporate each of the 3 UltraMind® care plans and transform your brain health by treating your specific needs.

Everyone’s body and brain are different, and this component is the key to customizing the program for your particular needs so you can get the most out of the program.

Special Bonus: 1 Month Free Nutrition Coaching!*

For those of you who are new to healthy living Dr. Hyman’s Nutrition Coaching Program provides invaluable tools to support your journey to an UltraMind® as well as your lifelong pursuit for optimal health.

Upon joining you will receive access to our nutrition coaching website. This subscriber’s only portal can be entered using the same login name and password you use on the Healthy Living Store. After logging in, ask any nutrition-related question on your mind using our web-based email interface and one of our nutritionists will get back to you within 1 business day.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • World-renowned Nutritionists: Access to expert nutritionists, trained by Mark Hyman, M.D.—read more about each nutritionist by reviewing their bio here.
  • Unrestricted Access: Ask unlimited questions, any time around the clock.
  • Fast Response: Get your answers within 1 business day, sometimes faster
  • Complete Privacy: All questions and answers are private
  • Friendly Community: Receive help and encouragement from others in the community

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