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Mission Ignition: The Energy Cure

Sara Gottfried, M.D.

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Double your energy, drop the stress eating, get sexy and revitalized, and do ALL of this in just 30 days or less with Dr. Sara's Mission Ignition: Energy program!

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Product Description

 Do you want to:

  • Double your energy…
  • Drop the stress eating (and drop those extra pounds)…
  • Get sexy and revitalized…
  • And do ALL of this in just 30 days or less?

Then this special offer of Dr. Sara’s Mission Ignition: Energy program is for you!

 This Program is Filled with Incredible Content:

  • A game-changing Kick-Off session with Dr. Sara so you can start RIGHT NOW.
  • Five in-depth, uncensored, instructive coaching calls with Dr. Sara on how your body responds to stress, tests that rock, how to extend the warranty on my adrenals, and much more.
  • Four weekly Q&A’s where Dr. Sara answers your most pressing questions and gives you quick, actionable strategies to address my biggest concerns, including adrenals, supplements, blood sugar, thyroid, genetics and telomeres, and much more.
  • Seven eye-opening recorded sessions where Dr. Sara interviews the top experts in their fields, including Dr. Hyla Cass, Sara Avant Stover, Dr. Patrick Hathaway, and many others.
  • Five Jumpstarts where you’ll get five weekly easy-to-do tips to help you jump into action and speed up your results.
  • Weekly worksheets to help you personalize this program, keep track of your progress, and make this life-changing transformation HAPPEN.

Plus These Great FREE Bonuses!

  • One full month’s access to Dr. Sara’s Get Vital, Stay Vital Inner Circle, including live calls, a private Facebook group, and access to a vibrant, ignited tribe of women like me for support—a $97 value, FREE!
  • The ultra-beautifying e-book, Seven Proven Potions for Ageless Skin (No Matter Your Age), so I can discover how to naturally slow and reverse the effects of aging and save a fortune on pricey skin care products and services—a $47 value, FREE!
  • The revolutionary e-book, Seven Proven Game Changers for Your Adrenals, so I can find out how to energize and stress-proof my body and restore my adrenals no matter how “fried” they are from years of high cortisol levels—a $47 value, FREE!

Incredible Value at NO Risk to You

  • YES, I understand this $197 price is a special limited-time offer and a $300 savings off the regular $497 price.
  • YES, I understand that I get $385 in FREE Bonuses!
  • YES, I understand there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I risk nothing!
  • YES, I understand I’m ordering the digital online version of Mission Ignition: The Energy Cure, with immediate online access. Nothing will be shipped to my door.
  • YES, I understand if I don’t notice I feel more energized and revitalized than I have in years, I have 30 days to ask for my money back. I will receive a full refund, no questions asked!

AND if I’m one of the first 100 people to respond, I’ll also get TWO BONUS LIVE CALLS with Dr. Sara, each 60 minutes long for a total of two hours so I get even more support to help me be successful—a $194 value, FREE!

We won’t be able to offer this kind of a deal forever, so please take advantage of it while you can!

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Sara Gottfried, M.D.

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