Fast Track Your Hormone Cure

Sara Gottfried, M.D.


FINALLY! A simple, effective, straightforward program to help women who have been struggling with weight, fatigue, stress, or imbalance to feel happier, sexier, lighter, and full of energy.

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Product Description

FINALLY! A simple, effective, straightforward program to help women who have been struggling with weight, fatigue, stress, or imbalance to feel happier, sexier, lighter, and full of energy.
Using The Gottfried Protocol™, my unique system for balancing hormones and reclaiming health naturally, you can feel better from your cells to your soul…without surgeries, magic pills or fad diets (and have fun doing it!).
Are you frustrated that your efforts – to lose weight, improve your energy and stop the moodiness – aren’t paying off? Are you cranky? Often for no good reason? Do you feel fat and bloated most of the time?
Do you overeat or under-eat on a regular basis?

Would you rather be on Facebook than having sex?

Does it feel like no matter what you do you can’t get results you want?

If I just described a typical day for you then chances are the results you are NOT experiencing isn’t for lack of effort…it’s your hormones.

And you’re not alone.

In the past 20 years I’ve worked with over 20,000+ women and I have discovered that feeling lovely, juicy, vibrant and light are within your control. I know because I see big changes happen every day for my clients and they even happened for me.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

“Fast Track Your Hormone Cure” is your SECRET WEAPON! It empowers YOU with all of my hormone tips, tricks and answers…to help you take action and feel fully alive…starting today!

It’s super easy to follow, identify symptoms, start making changes FAST and feel better than you have in years. Plus, it delivers tools to keep the momentum going for a lifetime including…

  • Dozens of specific techniques and strategies to help you double your energy.
  • Exact steps to handle life and stress better.
  • Specific recommendations on how to sleep restoratively…and wake up rested and nourished.
  • How to amplify your happy brain chemicals & get your happy hormones playing on your team again.
  • What to do (and what to avoid) when you’re trying to lose weight.

What You’ll Get Out of the Course:

  • An assessment that will help you determine your primary imbalances and how to treat them.
  • A step-by-step protocol you can share with your trusted physician and plan for implementing it first, on your own!
  • Information on the 7 primary hormones and how they interact…and why you should care.
  • An in depth look into Charlie’s Angels (no not those angels), the 3 most powerful hormones and how to get them working together.
  • A map to help you stay on track when change feels difficult.
  • Suggestions for tweaking your food, exercise and supplementation routine that will have you feeling lighter, sexier, less moody and more sparkly than you have in years.

You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

(a $47 value!)
The Hormone Cure Jump Start Course

Get unstuck and out of the rut at lightning speed!This amazing, guide provides 35 small actions you can implement right away to put you on the fast track to a faster metabolism, better mood, more energy, and a va-va-voom sex drive. Consider them fueling stations for your body and soul…so you’ll feel better that you have in years!

(a $27 value!)

Dr. Sara’s Blacklist: 10 Foods to Avoid that Cause Hormonal Chaos
Sure, you know that Big Macs and cheesecake aren’t healthy. But I’ve discovered 10 foods that are serious bad guys that’ll hijack your hormones and your health (and eat you alive!) if you don’t get rid of them. To feel better fast, you need to know what they are and cut them out of your diet…yesterday!

(a $525 value!)
The Gottfried Protocols

I created these documents based on 20 years of research and working with 20,000+ patients. They address the 7 biggest hormonal imbalances and the exact steps to take to get them back on track. From PMS to moodiness to low sex drive and more, I’ve got you covered. You’ll want to keep these close by!

(a $97 value!)
The Scoop on Stress Audio Trio

In this special audio bundle you’ll learn more about your relationship to stress, gender differences when it comes to stress and most importantly, how to get your body back on track. This series was one of my most popular!

What are you waiting for? Together, let’s make medical history!
To your best health,

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD



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