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Dragons At Work

Stephen Josephs

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Dragons at Work is a modern parable that teaches foundational and insightful lessons on business, relationships, life, and love through the entertaining story of IT Executive Dan Schaeffer.

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You’ve met guys like Dan. He’s smart, driven, abrasive, and his knowledge is considered indispensable to his company. That’s why, in spite of the turmoil he creates, he hasn’t been fired. He’s an example of how your brightest people can hold your company back.

IT Executive Dan Schaeffer is staggering under the weight of a project his command-and-control style cannot manage. His weight and high blood pressure put him at risk for a heart attack, and an enemy diligently works behind the scenes to get him fired. The VP of HR suggests that Dan get an executive coach. Skeptical, Dan chooses Michele Wu, whose business savvy and unorthodox, eastern methods guide him through realms he never imagined he would travel. As a result, he becomes a better leader, father and husband; and he deals with his enemy in a surprisingly effective way.

I loved this book. After reading Dragons at Work, two things become clear: Work is a viable path to happiness and fulfillment, and Stephen Josephs is the consummate guide to show you the way.
~ Jack Canfield, CEO, The Canfield Training Group – author The Success Principles:
How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

“Stephen Josephs’ mastery of transformational change in organizations is everywhere evident in Dragons at Work. Indeed, his story is so skillfully rendered that it literally induces in the reader the very experience it describes. This is the book you have been waiting for.”
~ Raz Ingrasci, Chairman, Hoffman Institute International

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