Developing Happiness on Autopilot

Christine Carter, Ph.D.


Do you want to raise grateful children who think outside of themselves? Do you want to turn dinnertime into a wonderful bonding experience? Do you want to overwrite negative experiences and bring more easy happiness into your and your children's lives? Then this course is for you!

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5 Huge Impact Happiness Habits to Start Now

“Thank you for the course Christine. I love your enthusiasm, your belief in your ‘students’ and your compassion. I love the blend of science and life experience. I loved reading the comments and contributions from the community of participants, the honesty and insightfulness.”

Eithne, mother of one

“I loved Christine’s parenting class. Her talks on parenting were based in solid research but the lessons I took home were simple and easy to implement.”

Shanti, mother of three

This class will give you five high-impact habits that will make you — and your kids! — happier now. You’ll learn how to develop happiness on autopilot by:

  • Raise grateful children.  Research has shown that a conscious gratitude practice tends to increase our happiness by 25%.  We’ll discuss tips for consciously practicing authentic gratitude and for dealing with gratitude resistors in your home.
  • Turn dinnertime into a powerful, symbolic ritual for your kids.  If you aren’t currently eating together as a family, Dr. Carter will share the reasons why you might want to make it more of a priority.  If you are, we’ll discuss ways to upgrade your experience so that your kids are getting the most out of this special time.
  • Overwrite negative experiences.  We don’t necessarily need difficult situations to end quickly — the goal is to make them end better. Dr. Carter teaches a powerful technique creating that happy ending for your kids.

Receive four full weeks of online classes, a BONUS week of additional cutting-edge material, access to the exclusive Raising Happiness Community, and even the opportunity to ask questions directly to Dr. Carter!

We’ll cover:

  • The latest research on the benefits of sleep and exercise.  Chronic sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on children’s health, happiness, and ability to learn.   Dr. Carter shares the latest scientific research on the effects of sleep on our cognitive abilities.  Prioritize healthy sleep and exercise in your daily routines.  Exercise is the most effective happiness booster and stress releaser of all activities.  Spoiler alert: the results are dramatic!
  • Consciously practicing authentic gratitude.  Getting kids in the practice of gratitude comes with all sorts of other bonuses besides being less entitled.  Grateful people are considerably more enthusiastic, likable and determined, are more likely to be kind and sleep better.  This class will also give you tips for dealing with gratitude resistors.
  • The value of family dinners and how to make the most out of them.  Studies have shown that family dinners can even trump reading to your children in terms of helping to prepare them for school.
  • The neuroscience of happy memories. Dr. Carter will talk through a valuable routine for helping your children recognize the the good things all around them and turn them into positive memories that last.
  • How to raise kind and compassionate children. We will share several ways to get started. Just thinking about giving has a positive effect on health and happiness that is similar to actually doing the giving!

This is what you get when you enroll in this ONLINE CLASS:

  • SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY. We know juggling parenting and everything else can make it difficult to find time for a class. This is online class is MADE for busy people!
  • You’ll get four video classes that you can watch anytime:
    – Sleep and Exercise Make Us Happy and Smart
    – The Power of Family Dinners: Even if You are Super Busy, Here’s How to Do it
    – How to Raise Grateful Children
    – The Neuroscience of Happy Memories: What You Need to Know
  • You’ll also get a  BONUS WEEK: How to Raise Kids That Are Kind and Compassionate. Instead of trying to limit your kids’ exposure to the modern world, teach them happiness skills that will make them stronger and more capable in dealing with today’s pressures.
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY.  Access to a private Raising Happiness Classroom and Facebook group where we post bonus materials. You’ll be a part of a 24/7 community of like-minded parents.
  • COACHING FROM DR. CHRISTINE CARTER! Post a question online — Dr. Carter typically responds within 48 hours.

This class focuses on Theme Three from the Complete Raising Happiness Homestudy.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you aren’t happy with the class, get a FULL REFUND.

If the Raising Happiness Homestudy doesn’t work out for me, how do I get a refund?

We invite you to take the Raising Happiness Homestudy for 30 days; if you’ve done the weekly practices and do not feel you are getting anything valuable out of it, we’ll happily refund your money.

IMPORTANT: We require your completed homework before we refund your money.
Why? Because we’re confident that if you practice what you learn in the Homestudy, you’ll get a lot out of it — if you don’t, we’ll quickly refund your money.

Please note that all refunds are handled by the provider, Christine Carter. If you would like to request a refund, please send an email with the headline “Requesting Refund for [insert title of product]” to and CC

Continuing Education Credits

Raising Happiness is a licensed CEU provider by the California Board of Behavorial Sciences. Our license number is PCE 5355.

This course meets the qualifications for 5 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. (If you are looking for more units, please check out our Complete Raising Happiness Homestudy).

This course covers the scope of practice for these professions as it relates to:

  • Providing psychological counseling for families.
  • Consultations with educators and parents.
  • Helping individuals and families achieve more adequate, satisfying, and productive marriage, family, and social adjustments.
  • Empowering individuals to deal adequately with life situations, reduce stress, experience growth, change behavior, and make well-informed rational decisions.

If you’d like to get CEUs, before registering for this course, please see this page for more information, and be aware of our refund policy.

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